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We Use The Internet To Help Businesses Get More Customers, Increase Efficiency, & Make Informed Decisions.


We Use The Internet To Help Businesses Get More Customers, Increase Efficiency, & Make Informed Decisions.

What is working with us like?

Our Process

When you’re ready to get some direction on your project, start by selecting an available date that works best for you.

  • Schedule Initial Consultation

    this is very important, while scheduling you will answer a variety of questions that will help us determine exactly what you need in your project.

  • Consultation

    on our call, which should take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, we will address all of your needs, and give you insight as to what direction you need to take.

  • Receive a Quote

    Within 24 hours after our call, and once we’re both on the same page as to the project details, we will give you a firm, no hidden fee, no obligation quote for your project, and a projected timeline for the project. This will include our fee, as well as your projected operation costs that will be paid directly to you by any software providers you need to use.

  • Pay Our Agreed Upon Fee

    If the project is a one and done type deal, you will be required to pay a 30% deposit to get started. If we are on a monthly retained, we collect the first month's fee up front.

  • Questionnaire

    We will send this within 24 hours of the payment of the initial deposit. This questionnaire will be more specific questions about your business and how it operates, that will better help us portray your business through our work. This also includes information for passwords for any relevant accounts, and payment information for new accounts. We will not be able to do a majority of the work until you send this back to us.

  • Work Begins

    Our work begins within 24 hours of the deposit payment, this includes getting you set up on the necessary platforms and or software you need for your business.

  • Contact

    We touch base with you, on the agreed upon frequency, to update you of any drafts or progress throughout the duration of our contract. This will set a standard for the minimum amount of time we communicate with each other. Our phone is always open, and we try to make ourselves available before and after normal working hours.

  • Project Submission

    Upon making all the agreed upon changes, we submit to you the final draft of the project along with the final invoice.

  • Payment of Final Invoice

    Once invoice is paid, we will submit a document over with your account details as well as instructions as to how to log into and view the necessary parts of your website. The document will also include the costs associated with your website operation, what software you are paying specifically, and the frequency at which your payment method will be charged.

One on One Strategy Session

Get started by selecting an available date below and following the steps to reserve a time that best works for you.